Being a business running mum
Written by Anna TeRaki on Oct. 17th 2018
We’ve all been there; you know the time has come when you really need to think about going back to work full-time but feel that gut-wrenching feeling of guilt for having to think about leaving your bundle of joy in the care of someone else. It doesn’t matter whether it is your family or a childcare setting; you still feel it.
Whether you already ran a business prior to being welcomed into mummy-hood, or perhaps you are considering starting a new business to give you the flexibility you need to be able to get a good work-life balance, being a full-time mum and businesswoman is hard. 

Never Enough Hours in the Day

Ok, so this applies to many people in many different situations but finding the time to dedicate to your child’s every need, and those of your clients or prospective clients is tough.
That age-old saying, ‘’there are never enough hours in the day’’ rings true, and I’m sure chimes a chord with many other business mummies out there too.
The additional challenge you face as a mum running your own business is the tiredness. You never quite know when it’s going to really kick-in and render your brain out of the game for the remainder of the evening. And, of course, this is also determined by the body clock of your least sleepy child.
The key to success here is the manage your time properly. With the unpredictability of a child’s sleeping habits, the not knowing at which point during the day you might get an hour or perhaps even two free to work, along with everything else, you really need to enforce some time management principals to your work.
Clients that require urgent work completing often are not a favorable as those who give you plenty of notice and allow you to plan your life around their work and still meet the deadline.

Baby Brain – Is it really ‘a thing’ or is it made up? 

I recall so many people over the years referring to ‘baby brain’ as if it was some definitive medical condition that we have after a child is born. 
I think that any mum out there can relate to the saying, but I personally feel this ‘mushy-ness’ of the brain is due to a blend of hormones and tiredness that renders our bodies and brains unable to perform normally, for some time at least.
There have been various studies conducted on the topic of baby brain as lots of ladies report their cognitive functions seem to decline following the birth of their baby. Some of the reported symptoms include tiredness, confusion, lack of focus, trouble reading, and being forgetful.
Did you know, they came up with an official term for this, it’s called ‘mumnesia.’
Real or not, the way our brains and body’s work are different after we become a mum. So, as we do with everything in life, we find a way to carry on.

How Do We Do It All?

How are we able to run a business, be a doting parent, lover, and friend?
We are ladies, we are mummies, and we just get on with it, because we have to, and because we can.
There is no better motivation in life than that given to us by our children.
Like everything in life that is worth having, it’s not easy. Sometimes, it can be pretty stressful, and we might start to feel the pressure rising. However, ultimately, we want to set the best example for our children, and for them to aspire to be successful in whatever they do.
We are, after all, one of their biggest influencers and role models; and our actions and achievements are all driven by our love and our desire to succeed.

Anna TeRaki

Anna TeRaki helps mums launch & build successful consulting & coaching businesses. 
She is an expert at helping empower and equip mums with all the necessary steps it takes to create a thriving business without sacrificing more time from her family. 
If you're interested in starting your own consulting or coaching business or your wanting to level up your existing business then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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