About Anna TeRaki
Anna TeRaki is an entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia who found her purpose and fell in love with helping women build thriving businesses.
At a tender age of 10 she knew that she was an entrepreneur at heart and started her first business in primary school selling handmade bookmarks to students at $2 a piece (haha). As she went on to high school she became a know it all teenager and secured her first job at age 13 working for Franklins Supermarkets (back then your parents could sign a form allowing you to work at an early age). By age 30 she had worked as management in the hospitality, retail and business industry, with a few failed attempts at her own side businesses and of course with a few successful attempts too. During that time she had also become the proud mother of 4 beautiful kids and a dog named Millie.

As a Business Coach Anna helps other Women launch & build their coaching business and get their first 10 paying clients and beyond. With an extensive knowledge in social media marketing behind her and having been personally mentored by one of the best in the business she has naturally transformed and evolved into a coach and is passing all her knowledge onto others that want it. 

Anna has had clients from all walks of life, from Huge Corporate Hotels, smaller bed & Breakfast, Health & Wellness space & local businesses, helping them all with their business growth and marketing strategies.
Her clients all have gone on to produce amazing results in their businesses and life, seeing huge growth and clarity. 
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